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Site Orientation & Characteristics

Continuing our look into passive design principles, we look at the importance of site orientation and how to use it in your original design. Image: Passive Epringham House, MSG Architecture 2015 A clever site responsive design can reduce heating and cooling loads and the need for expensive upgrades for the comfort of your home. When working on the initial…

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Get your kitchen Design right

In this series of posts, we discuss the most important area of your home, the kitchen, Life revolves around the kitchen, it’s no longer the place that is only for meal preparation and cleaning up. It’s where the kids do their homework, a great place to sit and have a coffee, have a casual celebration,…

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Incorporating Passive Design To Create Sustainable Suburban Homes

Passive design - Central Avenue Homes

Incorporating Passive Design At Central Avenue Homes we try to use passive design principles so our clients benefit from comfortable environment. This assists with lower heating and cooling costs. In this post we discuss what Passive Design is. The key principles and how they can be used in your new home design. We encourage our clients to explore this topic further…

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The Top Floor First Building Process

Light weight - fast build upper floor first

Stage 1 After the ground slab is poured and cured, we form up the upper floor on top of the ground slab. The upper slab can be either a framed concrete upper slab. Alternatively, a cheaper, or more economic option is a framed floor with particle board Unlike traditional double brick homes, where the bricks…

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Lightweight Fast Build – Top Floor First

fast build top storey first

   Central Avenue Homes’ Lightweight – Fast build is a new and innovative way to build 2 storey homes and it provides lower construction costs, faster construction times and improved energy efficiency housing for the WA new home market. We use the upper floor first & jack system to build these homes. Lightweight The house is built…

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Fast Build – Top Floor First 2-Storey Homes – Part 2

Lightweight – fast build – 2 storey homes provide lower cost, faster construction and improved energy efficiency housing for the WA new home market. Our new advanced building technology allows cost effective and faster construction times than ever before for two storey homes. Why? We build the upper floor (the 2nd storey) on the ground, on top…

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Nedlands – small & difficult block

Nedlands - small & difficult block

  3 Storey custom designed home on a 235m² block with 9m front setback 3m easement running the length of the property leaving a small & difficult block of 90m² Transcript Hi there, I’m Scott Lewis from small block solutions, and today I have something truly special to show you. Welcome to 103 Smyth Road…

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Specialist Builders For Small & Difficult Blocks

small & difficult blocks

If your block is less than 10 metres wide, or an awkward shape, there aren’t a lot of options for standard home designs to fit on your block. The majority project builders – don’t  have standard designs to suit Small & difficult, sloping, narrow and oddly shaped blocks. Generally, a non-standard shaped block will need…

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Future Proof Your Home For Your Later Years

Custom designed home - future proof your home

Are you thinking of building your forever home? One very important piece of advice I can offer is think of access in your home for down the track, we are all getting older and even though we may not feel it, somewhere down the track you will wish you had thought about your later years…

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