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Future Proof Your Home For Your Later Years

Custom designed home - future proof your home

Are you thinking of building your forever home? One very important piece of advice I can offer is think of access in your home for down the track, we are all getting older and even though we may not feel it, somewhere down the track you will wish you had thought about your later years…

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Owner Building & Building To Lock Up Series – Part 5

Build To Lock Up - Central Avenue Homes

Plumbing Option Package (Additional cost to standard Build to Lock-up home) If the plumbing option package is Included in your contract, the following items will form part of your contract: Connection to the sewer for all the drains (drains will be tested prior to handover at lockup stage) IS (inspection shaft) mound complete DT (disconnector…

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Owner Building & Building To Lock Up Series – Part 1

Considering building your own home (owner builder), but don’t have the time, confidence or knowledge, then, consider build to lock up. Central Avenue Homes have been building to lock up for our clients’ since 2004 and to completion since 1998 in Perth and surrounding areas. Building to lock up, is not for everyone but it may suit…

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Can’t Get Finance For Owner Building? Why Not Build To Lock Up

Build to lockup

Have you tried to obtain finance to Owner build your dream home and the banks won’t even consider it. Don’t have the time, confidence or knowledge, to build the structure of your home, and provide the finishing touches yourself, then, consider building to lock up. Do you have family and friends in the construction industry…

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