Specialist Builders For Small & Difficult Blocks

Small & difficult, small narrow and sloped Sites

If your block is less than 10 metres wide, or an awkward shape, there aren’t a lot of options for standard home designs to fit on your block. The majority project builders – don’t  have standard designs to suit Small & difficult, sloping, narrow and oddly shaped blocks.

Generally, a non-standard shaped block will need a purposely designed home to suit the individual aspects of the block. That’s where Central Avenue Homes comes in, that’s our speciality.

Narrow Lots

Narrow sites are becoming more common and home builder’s will have designs that suit frontages as narrow as 9m. However, when the squeeze is greater, good design is important and we can build homes on blocks under 8m wide. We also have the experience to work with the local council to ensure the best outcome is achieved.

Awkward sites

Block shapes are not always simple and square. Their shapes are dictated by suburb design which will lead to the creation of sites that appear awkwardly shaped. Further restrictions such as sewer lines and easements can further reduce your building envelope and limit your building options. We offer a site responsive design service which means we design homes to suit your block and no block shape is too difficult for our team.

Small & difficult blocks

Small & difficult blocks can often be too troublesome for many project builders. A custom design is often necessary to ensure the blocks small size doesn’t compromise the homes layout. We have tackled many projects on blocks smaller than 200sqm or on site that are made more challenging by local planning policies.

Sloping sites

Most sites follow the natural contours of their surroundings in established areas. Sometimes a slope is so great that boundary retaining won’t be enough so we will design a home that accommodates the slope in the most cost effective manner whilst still focusing on the achieving the best design outcome.

Why are blocks becoming smaller?

The short answer is supply and demand.  As Perth becomes more populated, the price of land increases and becomes less affordable. So people are looking for smaller blocks to build smaller homes with even smaller backyards.

A few years ago, it was not unusual to be able to buy a block of land 20 metres wide x 40 metres long (or about 800m2 in size), however average size lots have been decreasing since 2008.

In June 2015 the average block size was 411 square meters.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then Central Avenue Homes is the builder for you.

  • Are you tired of trekking through Display Homes all over Perth and checking out lots of web sites?
  • Have you already bought your block of land, can’t find a house design to fit your block?
  • Are you worried about buying that block in case you can’t find a design to fit?
  • Are you just about ready to give up on finding the right house for you?
  • Do you want to deal with someone who knows what they are doing and tells you the truth?
  • Are you looking for a builder who builds custom designed homes to suit your budget?
  • Do you want a builder with a small team who will guide you through the whole process from initial design to the handover of your new home.

No block size or shape is too difficult for us to work with and we offer services for all budgets.

Visit our website contact page, call our office on 08 9456 3366 or send us an email to [email protected] to discuss your block and design.