Smart Storage Ideas For Those Small Spaces

Smart Storage Ideas For Those Small Spaces

When it comes to small spaces in your new home, to take into account every bit of space, you need to really think about the following:-

  • design,
  • layout,
  • budget
  • and storage options

At Central Avenue Homes, our in-house designer has the ability to tailor these small spaces to suit your individual budget and taste.

We’ve put together a list of ideas for ideas to make use of small spaces:

Maximise your glass doors and windows

If you have clear glass on your doors and windows, use window treatments that will allow maximum light to your rooms.  They make a room feel open and bright.  Sheers (nylons) or simple window tinting are a great way to let natural light in, yet still allow for privacy.  Ceiling to floor sheers or curtains (drapes) will lengthen the windows and make them appear taller and wider. For windows that are not a privacy issue, go for obscure or translucent glass. That way you won’t necessarily have to have window treatments, and you can still have a light area.

Built ins for your storage areas

Storage is one of the most important factors to take into consideration in your new home design. Its also one of the best mod cons you can build into your new home.

Some common storage ideas include:-


  • Built in wardrobes or walk in robes
  • add shelf and rails including half hanging for shirts and trousers
  • Include Bathroom and Ensuite drawers
    • Because there is rarely enough room, extend the cabinet to fit them in.


  • Floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets
    • keep in mind you will need steps to reach anything in them
  • Consider setting aside a cupboard to house your bin, so that you don’t have to have it on show or in the pantry. Alternatively look into a slide out bin, these, however can be small and require emptying regularly.


  • Linen cupboards and pantries
    • have 5 shelves instead of the standard 4
  • If you have a front loading washing machine,
    • A top only in your laundry will allow the washing machine to go underneath. This gives you plenty of space for folding washing.
    • Put the washing machine taps in the cupboard under the trough


  • Built in bookcases in a study
    • these can be used for a variety of things
  • Office furniture built by the cabinetmaker

These are all clever storage spaces that can become a fantastic design feature in your home.

Look at innovative kitchen storage solutions  

Consider some of the Häfele storage solutions for example, pull out bins and pantries, laundry baskets.

Häfele Smart storage ideas for those small spaces

Choose simple furniture items 

Simple pieces of furniture with clean lines and no patterns, will make the room feel less cluttered and more relaxing.  Consider a bed with storage underneath.  Either drawers, or a space big enough to slide crates under the bed. 

Why not step into the digital age 

Gone are the days when we have those old chunky photo albums on our coffee tables. Extensive CD, video and DVD collections are no longer the norm. Sleek lines and less obvious storage is now popular with our digital age. Create a photo wall and frame your favourite photos. You could scan and save the rest on your computer, hard drive or to your Dropbox account. Remember if you do save them to your computer or hard drive, to back it up!.

The same goes with music. Gone are the days of vinyl records, cassettes, and CD’s.  In today’s digital era, our favourite must movies and TV shows are available with online streaming. Some of the most popular streaming options are with iTunes, Netflix, Stan, Presto and Foxtel, however, the list is endless.

 If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then Central Avenue Homes is the builder for you. 

  • Wanting advice of smart storage ideas for those small spaces?
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No block size or shape is too difficult for us to work with and we offer services for all budgets. 

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