A simplified explanation of site & earth works Part 5

Site & Earth works - cut to fill average levels

In the 5th post of the series, we discuss possible site related items that you may encounter when designing and building your new home.

Cost of site - earthworks

The cost of site - earth works can be intimidating which is why it’s very important to deal with a builder who knows how to assess YOUR block for the site & earth works component accurately.

At Central Avenue Homes, the Registered Builder himself will assess YOUR block for the provisional sum allowances. He goes out to each and every site, checks it out, he shoots levels of the land, walks around the block, and if it is a difficult block, he will call and meet the earthworker on site to ensure that YOU, the client is provided with as accurate as possible costs up front., So from the outset, those costs are taken into account when designing your home to your budget, so that there are no nasty surprises. 

Site - Earth Works Costs Explained

At Central Avenue Homes, all provisional sum items will be finalised when producing your contracts, so at the time of signing your contract, you will know exactly how much it is to build your dream home.

We include all itemised costs for works related to the unique nature of YOUR site. However, they may need to be adjusted once we receive the Survey and Engineer’s reports, building permit (building licence from the shire) and Water corporation application as some things are not provided until after the reports have been done and applications filed.

  • Earthworks,
  • Retaining,
  • Piling,
  • Service connections,
  • Crossovers,
  • Storm water,
  • Engineers details,
  • Fence removal,
  • Temporary fencing,
  • Hard digging,
  • Work-safe requirements,
  • Traffic management 
  • Access track, etc

All builders will need to do the same amount of work to satisfy Shire and Engineer's requirements, and will charge for all of these works somewhere. Central Avenue Homes provides you with those costs up front.

Site & Earth works - cut to fill average levels

Compare Site costs if getting quotes from other builders

When comparing site – earthworks costs with other builders, clients should find out exactly what is included in their quote.  Then compare those costs with our costs. Ask the other builders when and where they will charge for those items not already included in their estimates or quotes, as they will be in there somewhere, or they will be added down the track.

Owner site - earth works quotes

Sometimes clients will get their own quotes for site - earthworks, and other works on complex or clay sites. They will remove these costs from the contract, because their quotes are cheaper than ours.

Unfortunately, in many cases the reason these quotes are cheaper is the works are not completed to Shire or Engineer’s requirements, the earth worker is not as qualified in this area, or the earthworker will ask for more money during the works.

The saving the clients thought they were making will cost them much more. 

No Surprises or additional unknown costs

With Central Avenue Homes, completing these works, you will be guaranteed:

  • All costs will be provided upfront
  • You’ll have no unexpected or unknown costs.
  • They will be supervised by us as part of the building process.
  • They will be completed to Shire and Engineer requirements.  

For a more specific idea of what your blocks Site - earthworks will include contact us at Central Avenue Homes, where you be provided with an accurate provisional sum allowance amount.

Or call and speak to our in house designer 9456 3366

Posted by Lee Grainger

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