Premier Announces Seniors Stamp Duty Discount

Premier announces Seniors stamp duty discount in WA

First Home owners Grant

While it’s fantastic to see the first home owners grant increased to help the younger generation or first home owners to to be able to afford to get into the housing market, it’s even better to see that the government is looking out for the not so young and 2nd and subsequent home owners as well.

As we get older and our children leave home, we can sometimes potter around in our great big family homes, and wonder why we continue to flounder around in houses far too big for our lifestyle. Having to pay stamp duty to downsize from an old family home may have been a hindrance to some people and instead of downsizing, they have remained in a large home that requires maintenance and upkeep that they no longer want or are able to look after.

Stamp duty for seniors

The MBAWA (Master Builders Association of WA) sent out an email to their members today, welcoming an announcement from the Premier of a $15,000 seniors stamp duty discount for those wanting to downsize.

Whilst not a silver bullet, it’s an indication the government is beginning to understand how essential property tax reform is to the housing affordability issue in WA.

This is good news for those seniors wishing to move into a smaller more manageable home.

Thinking of Downsizing

If you are thinking of downsizing, we can certainly help you with a design to suit both your lifestyle and your budget. Alternatively, if you have a house on a large block and have been considering subdividing and moving into a smaller home, now seems like a fantastic time.

Central Avenue Homes can help you through the entire process from feasibility right through to completion of the new home.

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