Owner Building & Building To Lock Up Series – Part 5

Plumbing Option Package (Additional cost to standard Build to Lock-up home)

If the plumbing option package is Included in your contract, the following items will form part of your contract:

  • Connection to the sewer for all the drains
    • (drains will be tested prior to handover at lockup stage)
  • IS (inspection shaft) mound complete
  • DT (disconnector trap) complete
  • All dry floor wastes complete
  • Vent pipe through roof
  • Water service run to the home
    • tubed out to each point where it will be left as a sealed point (either a welded pipe or a screw fitting at the plumbers’ discretion)
    • 2 external hose cocks – this service will be left live (i.e. filled with water under pressure)
    • showers or any wall mounted taps will be fitted with standard tap assemblies and sealed with temporary screw in plastic fittings
    • if mixer taps are required to wall mounted locations the bases will need to be provided by you prior to commencement so the bodies of the mixers can be built into the wall
  • Gas run in will be complete and tubed to necessary locations
    • the points will be left as welded over lead in pipes for future fit off by your contractor after handover (if applicable)
    • this service will be tested by the plumber after installation

Plumbing items Specifically excluded in a built to lock up home

(these items will need to be completed by your own licensed plumbing contractor after handover): –

  • All grates in floors
  • Centring of WC pan lines
    • The pans will be left in foam blocks in the floor
    • supply and installation of toilet suites
  • All supply and final fit off for tapware,
    • Sanitary (toilet suites) fittings
    •  Plumbing fixtures (basins, sinks, troughs) throughout
    • if some of the tapware is being provided by you needs to be set into the wall it will have to be provided to our plumber in advance
    • you will still be required to have the final fit off of those taps carried out after handover)
  • Fluming of vents or exhaust fans to the ceiling space or to external air

Electrical Option package (Additional cost to a standard Build to Lock-up home)

If the plumbing option package is Included in your contract, the following items will form part of your contract:

  • Temporary power to site from slab down stage (approximately)
  • Underground run in from power dome to meter position
    • this will differ subject to position of dome and set back etc.
  • Electric Meter panel and switchboard including all necessary circuit breakers and RCD’s (safety switches)
  • Power points and light switches, smoke detectors and exhaust fans throughout home as per final electrical plan (see note in exclusions)
  • Light points fitted off with standard bayonet type batten holders

Electrical items Specifically excluded in a built to lock up home

These items will need to be completed by your own licensed electrical contractor after handover): –

  • Power points in restricted zones (e.g. where shower screens have not been fitted) –
    • in these cases either a blank plate or a water proof switch plate may be provided and the power point
    • they will have to be supplied and fitted by a licensed contractor after the shower screen has been fitted creating an allowable zone.
  • Installation of any appliances or fixtures being supplied by the owner –
    • if applicable these circuits would be isolated for safety and they would be able to be livened up by a licensed contractor after the installation of the appliances

Some items to note

In the case where power points are placed where cabinets or tiling is proposed, the owner will need to engage a licensed contractor to remove the blank plates and re-install them after the tiling or cabinets are complete.

The above are indicative of what we can be provide as an extra cost option by the electrical and / or plumbing contractors for build to lock up homes.

The final level of inclusions etc. will depend on the design and level of specification you have chosen.


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