Owner Building & Building To Lock Up Series – Part 3

Why are you offering the build to lock up service?

As with any business we are always looking at ways of servicing wider parts of our prospective market, the build to lock up process provides an option to clients that not all Perth based builders provide and is in effect far less complicated from our documentation and supervision perspective so we felt it a practical option to offer our clients.

This decision was further backed by the fact that almost all lenders (banks) have tightened up their policies in respect to lending for owner builders which in effect created a larger pool of prospective clients in this area.

Will I need to get a building permit / licence for the work I will be doing or arranging myself?

You should assume that you will need to apply for a building permit / license, but you will need to contact the local building department of your shire as each locality may be different. We have found that some are very stringent and will require a list of what you are completing whereas others have not required a licence at all.

We can offer some assistance in this area but the application must be completed by you and be in your name.

When we apply for our building permit / licence part of our application is an annexure to the building application for those items that will not form part of the contract so the building permit / licence we are issued only covers the works that Central Avenue Homes completes.

Notes: – Options to include Electrical and / or Plumbing in ‘Build to Lock-up’

Feedback from current and past clients in respect to building to lock-up has indicated the plumbing and electrical areas are the ones that have caused some concern or have been a little daunting as they are licensed fields and can be quite confusing.

To assist in this area, we have made arrangements with our plumbers and electricians and they have agreed to offer build to lock up options to our clients. Plumbing and electrical inclusions are not included in a standard build to lock up home,but can be priced in to the quotation (as options) if you request.

Details of what would be provided in each case are outlined on the next post in this series


Central Avenue Homes have been building custom designed homes since 1998 and homes to lock up since 2004. Building to lock up is not a new process for us, we have built single storey, double storey, 3 story and multi unit developments to both completion and lock up homes from Bunbury to Butler.

No block size or shape is too difficult for us to work with and we offer services for all budgets.

If you’d like to speak to our in house designer regarding custom designed homes or homes build to lock up please contact us on 9456 3366 Mobile: 0403 132 174 or Email: [email protected]