Owner Building & Building To Lock Up Series – Part 2

In the second post of this series of blog posts we will cover what is included in a build to lock up home, insurances and designs and plans and answer the question, is building to lock up cheaper.

What is included in a build to lockup

Building to lock up is pretty much as it sounds, we build the main structure of the home including walls, roof wall and ceiling linings (unless you have requested they be omitted), external windows and doors so the home is locked up and secure.

What about drawings or designing the plans for your home?

We can work with your own design if you have already had the work done or we can work with you to design a home from scratch. You must keep in mind, however that if we design the home we will own the copyright for that design so you won’t be able to ‘shop our design around’ and you will need the builder’s permission if you wish to use the design for a second home.

While you may consider that to be a restriction, however, keep in mind that our design service is free and there is no obligation to sign a contract at that stage, obviously, there are some basic conditions in respect to us to carry out design work for you that will be based mainly on what you are looking for in a home along with the budget to complete the works.

What about insurances?

As with any normal contract we (the builder), will provide workers compensation insurance, public liability insurance and in course of construction insurance for all the works that are covered by the building contract.

In addition, we will provide a home indemnity insurance policy in your name to cover the property for the work that we will be doing.

Is building to lock up cheaper?

Building to lock up is not necessarily a cheaper option as the builder is obviously going to apply margin to the work he does. That said, in the case of Central Avenue Homes, we do apply a lower margin to build to lock contracts than normal homes to completion, this is primarily because the time to build and as such related costs is much less as is the liability given that we would not be supplying or installing most of the finishing items.

Generally, however, the rates the builder can get both products trades and services for are significantly better than the one off owner builder can achieve – so the savings made by the builder means that you would be paying no more to engage his services rather than owner building to that stage but with the added advantage of the insurance and regulatory protections that are in place to put you and your lenders minds at ease.

In addition to the above if you build to lock up with Central Avenue Homes it would be on a fixed price contract so if the materials or trade rates related to the work that we do will remain constant and not subject to rise and fall – this also provides some peace of mind for the most substantial part of the building process at least.

Central Avenue Homes have been building custom designed homes since 1998 and homes to lock up since 2004. Building to lock up is not a new process for us, we have built single storey, double storey, 3 story and multi unit developments to both completion and lock up homes from Bunbury to Butler.

No block size or shape is too difficult for us to work with and we offer services for all budgets.

If you’d like to speak to our in house designer regarding custom designed homes or homes build to lock up please contact us on 9456 3366 Mobile: 0403 132 174 or Email: [email protected]