Our Process

Building a custom designed home doesn't have to be daunting. Our experience and proven processes take the pain out of the whole process from concept design to completion of your home, see how it all happens below!

Before we commence the initial design and costing process a professional site assessment is carried out by our builder.

This ensures all site related costs are accurate from the outset so you, our client has a complete overview of the project costs before you put pen to paper.

Design & Costing

You will work with our experienced designer, Ashleigh, whilst she develops a site responsive home design to your lifestyle, needs and budget. When you are happy with the design it will be costed in detail, providing you with a comprehensive specification.

Preliminary Agreement

A preliminary agreement, or (PPA) preparation of plan agreement is signed when you accept the design and contract quotation we have produced.

Development Approval

If required, your plans will be prepared for development approval (DA) and we will work closely with the local authority to ensure your new development is granted approval.

Pre-start Meeting

You will meet one on one with our experienced Pre-start consultant and Company Director, Lee, to detail the final selections of your home.

Building approval & contracts

During this stage we finalise the construction plans for building approval and produce your building contract documents.


During the final and most exciting stage, our experienced site supervisor will take your plans and build your home. Your new home will quickly take shape before your eyes.

Custom designed homes for small, difficult, narrow and rear strata lots, apartment renovations, and home extensions are our speciality.

We can design a home as unique as YOU, and to your budget