Lightweight Fast Build – Top Floor First

Lightweight – Fast build - 2 Storey Home 2nd storey underway before the lift


 Central Avenue Homes’ Lightweight – Fast build is a new and innovative way to build 2 storey homes and it provides lower construction costs, faster construction times and improved energy efficiency housing for the WA new home market. We use the upper floor first & jack system to build these homes.


The house is built with steel framed walls (with an option of double brick for the ground floor) and roof, structural foam external cladding and either a framed concrete upper slab, or alternatively, a cheaper, and more economic option is a framed floor with particle board sheeting.

Faster to build

As with a standard house construction in Western Australia, we complete all the Siteworks, including repeg of the site, earthworks, service runs (water, power, gas and telecommunications), piling, retaining and stormwater if required, then lay the ground slab. See our blog on Siteworks & earthworks, then the upper floor is built right on top of the ground slab. When the upper floor construction is built, lined, painted and the roof is covered, the upper floor is jacked up and the ground floor is built right underneath the upper floor.

Floor frames

Lightweight – Fast build homes flooring comprises of a 400mm high truss section manufactured from 90mm rolled steel ‘C’ section to the engineer’s requirements depending on the span of the section and load (what is going to sit on top) over the area.

The upper floor trusses are lined with 10mm plasterboard underneath to form the ceilings of the lower floor.

The top of the floor trusses are lined with 22mm tongue and groove moisture resistant particle board flooring to all areas except wet areas (ensuites, bathrooms, and laundries – if included). These rooms are lined with compressed fibre cement sheeting that can be screeded (laying a bed for the floor tiles to create fall to the wastes), waterproofed and tiled over.

The flooring section is not insulated as standard but the 400mm ‘air’ gap provides a very effective thermal barrier.

Having an upper slab creates an even better thermal mass for the thermal and acoustic efficiency.

These floor trusses allow for any electrical cables or plumbing to be able to passed through without the need of dropped ceilings and bulkheads. Generally a standard 3 course (a solid concrete slab approx 257mm thick) upper slab, will need to have plumbing ducts to allow for the floor and toilet wastes and will need to be on an external wall or . This building method allows a lot more flexibility in the design.

Our new advanced building technology allows cost effective and faster construction times than ever before for two storey homes.

Lightweight – Fast build - 2 Storey Homes upper floor lifted

 Wall frames

Lightweight – Fast build Walls are made from the same 90mm rolled ‘C’ section and are also lined with 10mm plasterboard internally, the external lining is initially lined with a moisture barrier and the windows are taped in with weather barrier before construction foam is glued and screw fixed. The foam then has corner protection strips and a purpose made mesh applied before the acrylic texture coat is finally applied.

The construction foam provides a high R Rating (energy rating) so there is usually no need for additional insulation in the walls.

The external cladding has a very high insulation value, offering much better energy rating than most standard double brick homes.

Light weight – Fast build - Two Storey Homes completed home

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