Lightweight - Framed housing

Lightweight – Fast build - 2 Storey Homes - Part 1

Lightweight – Fast build - 2 Storey Home 2nd storey underway before the lift

Lightweight – Fast build - 2 Storey Home, 2nd storey underway before the lift

Lightweight – fast build - 2 storey homes provide lower cost, faster construction and improved energy efficiency housing for the WA new home market.

 Using light weight steel framed construction, these highly insulated homes offer increased energy efficiency, better value and faster building times for our clients.

The entire exterior of these homes are texture coated giving the light weight structure a modern rendered appearance. Clients can make changes to our designs or we can provide a custom design Lightweight – Fast build 2 story home to suit your lifestyle and budget

Our new advanced building technology allows cost effective and faster construction times than ever before for two storey homes.

Lightweight – Fast build - 2 Storey Home 2nd storey wall frames underway before the lift

Lightweight – Fast build - 2 Storey Home - completed home 


We build the upper floor (the 2nd storey) on the ground, on top of the ground floor slab, including all external painting.

When the upper floor is completed, we jack (lift) the upper floor with hydraulic jacks and build the ground floor underneath. Using this building method reduces costs of the construction price as there is no need for scaffold, formwork, cranes, hoists, and other cost saving processes.

This building method also allows

  • Access in the ceiling under the upper floor for air conditioning ducting, electrical, plumbing, security systems and other services
  • Plasterboard can be fixed directly to underside of trusses
  • Installation of down lights is simple and doesn’t require canisters, and more importantly, if you miss any during construction, you can install them after the home has finished, unlike conventional building methods.
  • Installation of ceiling fans can be installed after the home has finished unlike conventional building methods.

How long does this method of construction take?

Unfortunately, the time to build your home depends on a variety of factors, supply, trade availability and weather, which can all be unpredictable, however, we can say that this method is a faster construction method to build than the conventional build the ground floor first double brick construction process.

Ideal for small & difficult blocks or clients with a lower budget.

Our Lightweight – fast build - two storey homes are an excellent option for small, difficult or narrow blocks, and for clients with a lower budget. As blocks are becoming smaller, the need to build a 2nd storey is becoming more common and this construction method offers both cost saving on the build and shorter construction times, which, for clients who are renting while building is an added bonus.

Fire Resistant  

The structural foam external cladding that we use has fire resistant properties that is self-extinguishing in small fires.

Energy Efficient          

The external cladding has a very high insulation value, allowing some custom designed homes to rate higher than the conventional construction method.

Visually Appealing

The finished external cladding, once the texture coat has been applied has a similar appearance to a rendered home built by the conventional building method.

Versatile and Flexible  

The external cladding can be applied to various substrates or surfaces in curved or straight lines, offering more design opportunities for a fraction of the cost of the conventional building method.

Strong and Hard

The finished external cladding even though is of light weight construction, can easily handle normal household impacts due to the reinforcement mesh and render coatings

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