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Is the scullery a fleeting design trend, or is it here to stay?

The scullery has become a popular design feature in many new homes today. But is it a fleeting design trend, like the formal dining, and sunken lounge rooms of the 1980’s and ’90’s? Or is it here to stay?

What is a scullery?

A scullery is a small room just off the kitchen, it’s often used to keep your appliances like the microwave and beer fridge, it can also house the pantry, you can dump your groceries when you get home from the shops, and hide any mess when entertaining. Some sculleries have additional cabinets and another sink and can all be hidden behind a closed door just off the kitchen Your main kitchen is easier to maintain, and no mess on show if unexpected visitors pop in.

The scullery is the new must have room in a lot of new home designs in today’s market.

We’re always looking for more storage space in our homes, and the practicality of a scullery echoes that of a linen cupboard, built in or walk in robes, that many years ago, weren’t standard inclusions in new homes. When working out the design brief for custom designed homes, the scullery seems to be a constant inclusion.

Whereas an old home trend of formal dining and sunken lounge rooms have gone by the wayside, perhaps the scullery will become a standard inclusion instead!

The walk-in scullery

It’s possible to fit a scullery into any space that will fit a reasonably-sized walk-in pantry. In fact, if space is limited, combining the walk-in pantry and the scullery can be a very effective use of available space. A smaller scullery may be less about providing a preparation area and more about dividing the kitchen into independent zones.

A walk-in scullery is a great place to keep appliances that aren’t used regularly and not used as cooking equipment, such as coffee machine, kettle, or toaster. It’s makes sense when someone decides to make themselves a cuppa while you’re cooking – they don’t get under your feet.

It’s also a sensible place to be an organisational hub, somewhere for bags, keys, notes, and everyday paperwork to go that’s both on hand and out of sight.

What do we put in a scullery?

How you equip your scullery will depend on the size and on how you expect to use it. The only item that every client includes in their design brief for their scullery is a sink or laundry trough. You don’t have to have a sink, but it does limit the function as a clean-up zone when your’e entertaining.

Some clients include their washing machine and dryer in the scullery, reducing the need for a laundry.

If you have the space and budget, a scullery can be fitted out as a full second kitchen, with a sink, dishwasher, appliances, bench space and even a second oven or indoor BBQ. If you regularly entertain or cook on a large scale, having a fully-equipped scullery is worth the investment.

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