Narrow Lot Homes

Narrow lot homes can be individually designed to both your lifestyle and your budget

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Narrow lot homes can be individually designed to both your lifestyle and your budget. A narrow lot home is basically a house that is built on a small or narrow block of  land.  They are becoming very common in and around Perth, WA. As specialists in narrow lot home designs, Central Avenue Homes can design the perfect home for you and your lifestyle and most of all within your budget.

Some ideas to think of for the design of your new home are:

  • Position of your home on your block

To maximise the light and space in your narrow lot home, consider placing your bedrooms and study area  at the front of the house.   Have your living room, kitchen and dining room at the rear of the home where natural lighting is important.

  • Building to the boundary of the lot

You may be able to build on the boundary if you live in a newer area to increase the size of your home.  This is called a zero lot boundary.  Ask us if this is an option available for your block.

  • Build a two storey home

If your house is on a narrow lot, it's often necessary to build a second storey to give you extra room.  Building a double storey home may give you some room for a great courtyard.

  • Create a courtyard

As well as allowing more sunlight into your home,  having a courtyard will also provide a perfect outdoor area for you regardless of the weather.  They are great areas for pot plants and small gardens.

  • Increase the height of your ceilings

By increasing the height of your ceilings to some of your rooms will make your home appear larger than it really is. Alternatively, add a couple of ceiling recesses in to smaller rooms.

  • Skylights 

Skylights distribute light evenly throughout the area, and will help your home appear larger. One benefit of having a skylight, is it will offer more privacy than a conventional window .

  • Open plan living 

One way to explain open plan living is getting rid of unnecessary walls and doors, therefore, creating a big open space.  This will create larger functional areas.  Open plan living is very common in lounge and dining rooms.  By opening up the space, you allow light and air to move around more freely and most of all create great family areas.

  • Interior design

When thinking about the interior design of your home, consider using bright and neutral colours.  Limit your patterns and keep to clean, straight lines. By using mirrors and glass, you will make your home seem larger.    Natural colours and materials will keep your home looking inviting.

Posted by Lee Grainger

Central Avenue Homes has been building custom designed homes on small and difficult blocks since 1998.

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