Fast Build – Top Floor First 2-Storey Homes – Part 2

Lightweight – Fast build - 2 Storey Homes - We build the upper storey first and then lift it up

Lightweight – fast build – 2 storey homes provide lower cost, faster construction and improved energy efficiency housing for the WA new home market.

Our new advanced building technology allows cost effective and faster construction times than ever before for two storey homes.


We build the upper floor (the 2nd storey) on the ground, on top of the ground floor slab, including all external painting.

Once the upper floor is completed, we jack (lift) the upper floor with hydraulic jacks and build the ground floor underneath. Using this building method reduces costs of the build price as there is no need for scaffold, formwork, cranes, hoists, and other cost saving processes.

Lightweight – Fast build - 2 Storey Home
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