Custom designed homes on small & difficult blocks

Central Avenue Homes have been building custom designed homes in Perth and surrounding areas since 1998 and lock up homes since 2004. The great Australian dream of owning a large home with a huge backyard is shrinking, with the average lot size in Perth steadily decreasing since 2008. In June 2015 the average block size was 411 square meters. As developers are releasing narrower and smaller blocks of land and Mum and Dads are subdividing the rear of their blocks, home designs to suit small, difficult  and narrow lots and are becoming standard. Plausibly, the first thing that many home buyers think when considering a small block of land is “it’s so small”.

What clients get when choosing Central Avenue Homes to build their home, is innovative design solutions to suit their lifestyle and budget without compromising their dreams. Each site is assessed individually to ensure your home design is site responsive to orientation, potential views and the surrounding environment. Our designer also focuses on individual design, functionality, cross ventilation and capturing natural light. We also take into consideration making the most advantage of the features of your block after firstly checking for any local planning conditions and R code implications

Taking advantage of natural light

Just because your home is built on a narrow lot, the interior of your home does not have to feel small, dark and cramped. Central Avenue Homes pays particular attention to this popular misconception by taking advantage of natural light so that living spaces feel open and connected with outdoor spaces. For single storey homes, high or recessed ceilings give living areas a greater sense of spaciousness while skylights allow natural light to enter the home.

Creating a site responsive design

Central Avenue Homes ensures that your site’s slope, orientation and surroundings are taken into account when designing your new home. Cross ventilation and  natural light will make your home more comfortable in the areas that need it most. As housing density  increases, it is important to consider the neighbouring properties and how they impact on our living areas. We need to be more creative with smaller building areas and we have the team that can provide you with a custom designed home to enhance your lot’s potential.

Change the way you think about your home design

In the past, home buyers only wanted large four bedroom homes with formal areas that could be closed off. Open plan living increased in popularity and kitchens, meals, and living and dining areas became one. One major issue with large open plan living homes is the cost and practicality of heating and cooling these homes.

Central Avenue Homes has changed the design concept by designing a home for YOU taking into account your family and lifestyle. Have you been thinking about building a custom designed home?

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Posted by Lee Grainger