Central Avenue Homes is on the move Part 2

Central Avenue Homes is on the move Part 2


Following on from our last post about Central Avenue Homes being on the move, we have now received our Building Permit, and works are well under way.

Central Avenue Homes is on the move

Our new building has lots of windows right down one side, so anyone upstairs will get lots of light and the reception area has got translucent glass right down one side, and luckily it’s facing south, so no harsh summer sun coming in.

We’ve got plenty of parking and it is in a secure yard, so after hours, the gates will be locked.

In the coming weeks, we will have some photos of the process of the setup of our new offices.

We have got our planning approval, and our plans have been submitted to the certifiers for our Certified design certificate so that we can submit to shire for our building permit.

We’ve met with the steel manufacturers for the steel floor trusses, the telecommunications people for our new telephone system and internet, this week.

Today we met with our electrician to sort out the lighting and wiring.

And early next week, we are meeting with the plumber to see if we can add another toilet, a shower for when Ash rides her bike to work, and a mini kitchen upstairs to make life easier for doing the coffee dishes.

The airconditioning people, cabinetmakers for our new mini kitchen, the plasterboard guys who will line the timber framed walls and ceilings and the tilers will all come down the track.

And this week Greg has been busy building timber door frames, hanging the doors in the frames ready to fit, and painting the doors.

Greg will also be building the internal timber framework (I think that he should use those carpentry skills he attained too many years ago to remember), and Paul will help him do any wall linings and I’m sure Greg will be doing all the painting, he’s had plenty of practice.

Central Avenue Homes will still be offering our valued clients excellent service just in a new home.

We will have the same phone number and our emails and website will not change. 

Central Avenue Homes is on the move
Central Avenue Homes is on the move
Central Avenue Homes is on the move
Central Avenue Homes is on the move
Central Avenue Homes is on the move


If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then Central Avenue Homes is the builder for you.

  • Are you tired of trekking through Display Homes all over Perth and checking out lots of web sites?
  • Have you already bought your block of land, can’t find a house design to fit your block?
  • Are you worried about buying that block in case you can’t find a design to fit?
  • Are you just about ready to give up on finding the right house for you?
  • Do you want to deal with someone who knows what they are doing and tells you the truth?
  • Are you looking for a builder who builds custom designed homes to suit your budget?
  • Do you want a builder with a small team who will guide you through the whole process from initial design to the handover of your new home.

No block size or shape is too difficult for us to work with and we offer services for all budgets.

Visit our website contact page, call our office on 08 9456 3366 or send us an email enquiries@www.centralavenuehomes.com.au to discuss your block and design.

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