Central Avenue Homes is on the move Part 4

Following on from our last post about Central Avenue Homes being on the move, the upstairs offices are finished now.

The doors and frames have all been undercoated and the walls and ceilings upstairs have all been fully painted.


Central Avenue Homes is on the move

All that remains for the upstairs to be completed is the installation of the kitchen cabinet, and associated plumbing, pull up the plastic covering the carpet, have the furniture delivered and set up, connect our computers and we will be ready to go.

Telstra were due at the office today for a morning appointment with a window of 8am till 12pm to connect the lines and the internet, however by 2pm, they still hadn’t arrived, which is very frustrating, luckily Greg was able to do some painting while he was there waiting.

The NBN is due early next year, so we need to ensure that our phone, computer and internet is NBN ready.

Central Avenue Homes is on the move

The tiler had completed laying the tiles in the 2 toilets, the shower recess had started and the concrete to the entry had been ground down ready to lay the 600mm x 600mm tiles.

The tiles still need to be grouted and cleaned, and I’m hoping that when I go over later this week that all the tiling will be finished.

Central Avenue Homes is on the move

The ground floor has had all the walls and ceilings cut in with paint ready for the walls to be done, except the store room and both toilets as the tiler was working in there.

The electrician has been last week and this week connecting the power, lights and setting up the patch panel for the computer cables.

Central Avenue Homes is on the move

Greg has set up his workshop putting all the scaffold on shelving, lining the walls and putting up shelving for his hand tools to sit on.

Greg dismantled all the shelving in our archive area, and we have taken all our archive boxes and accounting files to the new office in 2 trips as there were so many boxes and the shelf units were quite heavy and cumbersome.

Central Avenue Homes is on the move

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It’s all coming together quite nicely now.

Central Avenue Homes will still be offering our valued clients excellent service just in a new home.

We will have the same phone number and our emails and website will not change.


If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then Central Avenue Homes is the builder for you.

  • Are you tired of trekking through Display Homes all over Perth and checking out lots of web sites?
  • Have you already bought your block of land, can’t find a house design to fit your block?
  • Are you worried about buying that block in case you can’t find a design to fit?
  • Are you just about ready to give up on finding the right house for you?
  • Do you want to deal with someone who knows what they are doing and tells you the truth?
  • Are you looking for a builder who builds custom designed homes to suit your budget?
  • Do you want a builder with a small team who will guide you through the whole process from initial design to the handover of your new home.

No block size or shape is too difficult for us to work with and we offer services for all budgets.

Visit our website contact page, call our office on 08 9456 3366 or send us an email to discuss your block and design.

Posted by Lee Grainger

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