Apartment Renovation

Renovations and Extensions to existing homes and apartments

Along with designing and building new homes, Central Avenue Homes also carry out renovations and extensions to existing homes or apartments. These projects can be extremely rewarding and interesting for both the owners and for our staff and subcontractors and give a new lease on life for often tired and dysfunctional buildings. We have recently…

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Unit development – group dwellings

Group dwellings and multi-unit developments For more than 20 years, Central Avenue Homes has worked with many clients to design and build their multi-unit and group dwelling investment properties. We have worked on relatively simple projects from triplex duplex single storey double storey units to 5,6,7, 8 and 9 double storey townhouse developments The 9…

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Renovations and Rental refurbishments

Rental refurbishment

  Renovations and rental Refurbishments Because Central Avenue Homes generally design and build new projects, it’s not the only work we do. We also do renovations and refurbishments of houses, apartments and some commercial buildings. We do large and small renovations help to supplement the work we are able to provide to our regular trade…

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10th Storey Apartment – Perth CBD – Part 3

On the day of the crane lift, several people organised to have any larger items to be delivered to the site so that they could be craned up on the same day. The double glazed windows were glazed (glass was fitted into the frames) before they were lifted up.  The large plasterboard sheets were craned…

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10th Storey Apartment – Perth CBD – Part 2

Further to our previous post, work to demolish the interior of the 10th storey apartment is well underway. Once all of the existing walls and cabinetry was removed, we were able to take accurate measurements for the working drawings for the “New apartment”. In this case like any renovation, you have to be able to use…

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Renovation of 10th Storey Apartment – Perth CBD – Part 1

Renovation One of our latest projects is the renovation, (refurbishment) of a 10th Storey apartment in the heart of Perth city. Our clients had specific requirements and given the structural nature of an apartment our scope of works was very easily defined. Old blueprints (plans) The following all need to visit the apartment to take precise…

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