Build To Lock Up

Port Coogee - 2364 - Build to lock up - Scaffold, hoist, bin, sand for float

We offer more to our clients because we understand the freedom that comes with a flexible builder is important to them. Central Avenue Homes has been building homes to lock up stage since 2004.

Building to lock-up stage offers our clients greater control over the finishing stages of the construction of their new home. It appeals to clients who want to owner build but want the support of an experienced builder and those who have access to trade or renovation experience. It doesn’t just have to be building to lock-up stage, we offer construction to a range of different stages to suit our client’s needs and skill sets.

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Building to lock up flyer

Custom designed homes for small, difficult, narrow and rear strata lots, apartment renovations, and home extensions are our speciality.

We can design a home as unique as YOU, and to your budget