Why Not Build To Lock Up in Alfred Cove

Alfred Cove

Have you tried to obtain finance to Owner build your dream home and the banks won’t even consider it in Alfred Cove

Don’t have the time, confidence or knowledge, to build the structure of your home, and provide the finishing touches yourself, then, consider building to lock up.

Do you have family and friends in the construction industry that can help you provide the finishing items to your home?

Do you lack the finances to complete your home all at once?

Central Avenue Homes have been building homes to lock up for our clients’ since 2004. We have been building homes to completion since 1998 in Perth and surrounding areas including Alfred Cove

Owner building and building to lock up, is not for everyone but it may suit your own situation down to the ground.

Don’t have the time, confidence or knowledge, to build the structure of your home, and provide the finishing touches yourself, then, consider building to lock up.

What is building to lock up?

  • Build to lock up is when the builder builds the main structure of the house and finishes his works, generally as soon as the house is locked up. External doors on, windows in, walls set and ceilings installed and flushed.
  • The owner then finishes the remainder of the home in their own time frame.
  • When building to lock up, all the same insurances, (6 years builders warranty) and approvals are in place for the main structure.
  • Some clients ask for us to build past lock up and only the final fit out is done by them.

Why build to lock-up in Alfred Cove

There are a number of reasons people want to build their home to lock up stage rather than completion:


You may have intended to ‘owner build’ and your bank advised that they won’t lend to you on that basis.  However, most banks will lend funds if a registered builder builds the structure of the home.
A registered builder is covered by an indemnity insurance policy and a 6 year structural warranty. We provide your bank with all the details they need to approve your loan for example:.

  • Contract works and in course of construction insurance certificate
  • Home Owners warranty (Indemnity insurance certificate)
  • Shire approved plans
  • Design compliance certificate
  • Building permit
  • Builder’s registration certificate
  • Contract breakdown

Friends and family 

You may have a lot of friends and family who are trades or in the building industry offering their service at mate’s rates. You may be a trade yourself and want to do a lot of the work finishing work yourself.


You may only be able to build the home to a partially complete stage with today’s financial commitments and want to build the structure and complete the remainder when you can afford it.

Lack of time or knowledge

You may like getting your hands dirty and organising things, but lack the time or knowledge to do correct quantities and programming the building process. You many find the building process daunting or time consuming. When we build to lock up, we take the hard work out of the building process. We apply for insurances, permits, we do all the quantities and ordering of the products and trades to build the structure of the home.


When you owner build a home, you will be restricted from owner building again for 6 years. However, if you build to lock up with a registered builder, that restriction will not be an issue. The building permit and insurances for the previous building would have been applied for in the builder’s name and registration

Completion and build to lock up

Central Avenue Homes have been building custom designed homes since 1998 and homes to lock up since 2004.  Building to lock up is not a new process for us, we have built single storey, double storey, 3 storey and multi unit developments to both completion and lock up from Bunbury to Butler.

Central Avenue Homes’ office is located in the industrial area of Yangebup which is approximately 11.6km’s and 19 minutes drive from Alfred Cove

If you’d like to speak to our in house designer regarding custom designed homes or homes build to lock up please contact us on 9456 3366 Mobile: 0403 132 174 or email us on [email protected]