Get the best out of your new benchtop

Get the best out of your new benchtop

Get the best out of your new benchtop

As a custom designed home builder who specialises two storey homes in Perth and surrounding areas, we appreciate the practicality and beauty of well-designed, kitchens, scullery, outdoor kitchens as the kitchen is considered the most important hub of a home.

One of the most important elements in your kitchen design, is the bench top.

Not only is this important for aesthetic purposes, but a kitchen benchtop will be one of the most used surfaces in your home, so it is crucial that you choose the surface that is right for your lifestyle and budget. Central Avenue Homes has used Coastline Kitchens to create magnificent kitchens in our homes for over 20 years

Tips: Benchtops

In today’s home designs, our kitchens are no longer a closed environment (separate room) or simply a work space. The kitchen is now more than ever the hub of the home and a place to enjoy.

That said, the bench tops are one of the key features of any kitchen, or more to the point your home.

Benchtops need to be durable for everyday use, they also provide inspiration for the overall design of the kitchen space and adjacent living and dining areas.

So, it’s important to ask yourself a few basic questions about your new kitchen benchtops.

Do you want the benchtops to blend in with the rest of the kitchen or create a contrasting feature?

  • And what kind of material should they be made from?
  • What is your budget
  • How is the home to be used, your own property, a rental property, your forever home, or a short term home to be sold in a few years
Food for thought – colours

Remember your kitchen benchtop will be the first thing you see when you see the kitchen and are definitely the most visually dominating element.

So if you’re unsure you could consider the following:

  • Add a feeling of space by using neutrals tones
  • Increase lightness by choosing white or neutral cupboard doors, or light coloured benchtops
  • Create contrast and interest by putting together light areas with strong colours or textures
  • Group similar warm colours to create an easy decorating scheme
  • Remember strong colours are at their best when used as a contrast to a neutral canvas
Get the best out of your new benchtop

Types of benchtops

When it comes to benchtops, two major factors will influence the design – your personal choice and budget.

With so much choice in today’s market with different materials varying in price, choosing the right benchtop material can be a difficult task..

Below is a list of possible ides for benchtops in your new home.

Natural Wood Surface


There is nothing cleaner than the sleek lines of a white kitchen, add a contrasting hardwood kitchen bench top and you have a modern kitchen with a natural look added in!

A wooden benchtop not only looks beautiful, it also provides a tough and durable work surface.


On the downside, it has to be treated by sanding and/or oiling regularly to keep it looking good.

Stainless Steel


If your home is going to be modern, consider installing a stainless steel kitchen bench top. Having a stainless steel benchtop will make your kitchen look like a professional chef’s kitchen. And it will also complement your stainless steel appliances. Add in a stainless steel splashback to finish the whole kitchen off.

Stainless steel is extremely hardy and highly resistant to bacteria, heat and staining.


Stainless steel scratches easily! It can be buffed, but the scratches will still be there.

Marble or Granite

Marble and Granite are natural materials. They work well with both modern and more traditional kitchen design. Not only does it look spectacular, it cannot be matched in quality, finish or colour. Because it’s a natural product, it has individual character, colour and pattern variations. It’s a classic and stylish material which has made it an Australian favourite.


Scratch and heat resistant

Long lasting

Easily wiped clean





Needs to be sealed often

The surface is very hard, so breakages are common, eg a glass being dropped or knocked over onto the benchtop,

Limited range of colours

As marble is a natural product, no slab will be the same, so you may have to pay a deposit to be able to hold your slab as the time taken to build the house can be several months, the slab you wanted may not be available.

Man made composites – Engineered stone, (such as Caesarstone, Essa Stone, Q Stone, Vedastone, etc)

A man made or stone composite bench top is made from of a combination of stone, and binding agent such as marble dust, polyester resins and other materials to produce an extremely, low-maintenance non-porous surface.

An engineered solid surface can be manufactured to look like stone, wood and many other materials for a fraction of the cost!

Low maintenance


Cheaper than natural stone

More flexible and easier to work with than natural granite

Colours, patterns and textures are constantly expanding


Contemporary looking

Never requires sealing

Composite benchtops usually cost more than laminate benchtops.


Today’s laminates are stylish, durable and come in a huge range of colours, patterns, styles and finishes.

They’re an affordable alternative

They’re hard wearing and stain resistant

They come in a range of colours and textures

There’s a huge variety of products and finishes, including granite and marble look


Once damaged, a laminate bench top is difficult to repair.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then Central Avenue Homes is the builder for you.

  • Are you tired of trekking through Display Homes all over Perth and checking out lots of web sites?
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No block size or shape is too difficult for us to work with and we offer services for all budgets.

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