Abbreviations or Building Industry Jargon for WA New Homes

Abbreviations or Building Industry Jargon for WA New Homes

Like any other industry, there is always jargon or abbreviations that are not commonly known by the general public.

Central Avenue Homes has put together a list of words abbreviations and terminology that we use on our plans or documents that some Owners may not be familiar with.

Over the next few weeks we will cover a lot of building terms that may help you when dealing with any paperwork related to the construction of your new home.

This list is by no means everything that you will find on our documents but a pretty extensive list.  If we’ve missed any and you are not sure what something means, give us a call on 9456 3366 or send us an email and we’ll be only too happy to help.

Here are some of the terms you may come across when building; reading Building Plans; Contracts; Specifications; and Inspection Reports.


An abbreviation for Air Conditioner or Air Conditioning.

A/C Condenser

The outside fan unit of the Air Conditioning system.   It removes the heat from the Freon gas – “turns” the gas back into a liquid then pumps the liquid back to the coil in the furnace.

A/C Disconnect

The main electrical ON/OFF switch near the Air Conditioner Condenser.

Access door

Door that allows access to concealed space or equipment.

 Acrow prop

Is a telescopic tubular steel prop (strut), used as a temporary support underneath a concrete slab which is light enough to be man-handled, often adjustable in length and used in scaffolding or to support beams temporarily.

Additional Fees (eg. shire, Watercorp, Western Power)

  • Council Planning Fee (Development fee)

Fee payable to Council’s Town Planning Department to assess the plans to issue Development Approval.

  • Headworks Fee

Fee payable to Water Corporation.  Could be seen as a land development contribution to Water Corporation’s infrastructure expenses.

  • Western Power Dome Fee

Fee payable to Western Power.  Could be seen as a land development contribution to Western Power.

  • Concrete Pump Hire

Concrete pump hire is necessary if concrete needs to be delivered to areas that are not accessible by the concrete truck.  This is usually a provisional sum

  • Provisional sum items

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 Aerated concrete

Aerated concrete has been manufactured to contain lots of closed air pockets.

It’s lightweight and fairly energy efficient.  It’s made by adding a foaming agent to concrete in a mould.  The blocks are then wire-cut and are then cooked with steam (autoclaving).

The blocks or panels can be used as decorative panels on the exterior of the home as mouldings.


The round screened screw on the tip of a sink spout.  It mixes water and air for a smooth flow.


A height is generally referred to by AFL – Above finished floor level

 Ag line

A perforated pipe (usually covered with a geo-textile fabric) laid behind retaining walls and other areas to catch seeping stormwater.


The crushed stone or alternative substance contained in concrete.  A mixture of sand and stone and a major component of concrete.


A contract between two or more parties, either written or verbal.


A sum of money set aside in the construction contract for items which have not been selected and specified in the construction contract.  For example, selection of tile as a flooring may require an allowance for an underlayment material; or an electrical allowance which sets aside an amount of money to be spent on electrical fixtures.

 Aluminium joinery

Building Industry term for aluminium sliding doors and windows

Abbreviations or Building Industry Jargon for WA New Homes.1

Anchor bolts

Bolts to secure a sill plate to concrete, or masonry floor or wall.

 Annexure (addendum) to contract

An annexure or addendum is an attachment to your contract documents.  For example, you might do your prestart after your contract has been signed.  Then the colours or prestart document along with any associated plans and specifications, will be added as an annexure or addendum to your contract documents.



Anticon is foil-faced insulation blanket specifically designed for temperature & noise control in homes and buildings with a metal roof. It is made with a glasswool blanket stuck to an impermeable reinforced reflective foil facing.


The highest point of a gable.


A trim board that is installed beneath an external window sill.


A structure of wedged shaped blocks, or square blocks with wedge shaped joints, over an opening so disposed as to hold together when supported from the sides, and capable of carrying a load over the opening.

 Arch bar

A structural member or beam carrying loads over an opening.


Moulding surrounding a door or window opening to cover the join between the frame and the wall finish.


The measure of a plane surface within defined boundaries, e.g., land, buildings.


A sharp comer formed by the join of two surfaces along a length of timber or brick.

 As con drawing

An As Con is an As Constructed plan provided by the plumber to the Water Corporation of plumbing pipework, showing length and depths of the pipes to make finding them easy.

 AS – Australian Standard

Approved standard for material, equipment, technique or procedure as set down by the Standards Association of Australia (SAA).