10th Storey Apartment – Perth CBD – Part 2

Further to our previous post, work to demolish the interior of the 10th storey apartment is well underway.

Once all of the existing walls and cabinetry was removed, we were able to take accurate measurements for the working drawings for the “New apartment”.

In this case like any renovation, you have to be able to use the structure that you have, any additional electrical wiring will have to have channels to hide the wires.

In this instance, the ceilings were going to be lowered to create bulkheads and ceiling recesses to hide cables and any lighting.

Unlike new home construction, working in an apartment limits the scope of the works that can be undertaken due to the plumbing, electrical works and structural members already in place.
In this case, our clients wanted the bathrooms to be modernised by installing new tiling to both the walls and floor and removing the shower hobs and putting in strip drains, new cabinets and internal doors.

All of the old works had to be removed by hand and taken down to the ground level for removal in wheelbarrow lots, in the elevators, so as you can imagine it was a lengthy process.

Keeping the area clean and the noise to a minimum is a must, so that the disruption to the other residents in the building are impacted as little as possible.

The logistics of renovating a high rise apartment takes a great deal of planning and communication, as we need to ensure that the Building Manager is aware of all who are in attendance at all times. All trades or visitors to the apartment must sign in to the visitors register and the Building Manager escorts them to the correct apartment.

Renovation of a 10th storey apartment in Perth City - Part 2

Noise can be a major factor as there are residents living in extremely close confines, above, below and possibly on either side, so all trades need to take this into consideration when entering the building

All fixings, whether plumbing fixtures, ceiling and wall linings, cupboards, appliances, etc, must all be taken up through an elevator.

All debris that is created from the demolition, for example, cupboards, bricks from demolished walls, ceramic tiles, carpets, old appliances, etc, also needs to come down, by wheelbarrow using the elevator.

If the elevator is out of action for any reason, then there is a 10 flight stair climb which is both time consuming and exhausting, so communication is an enormous factor, if for any reason the elevator is going to be out of use, it needs to be taken into account in the programming of the job.

The walls and floor of the elevators need to be fully protected at all times to alleviate any damage, parking can be an issue if there are several trades on site at the same time as there are limited parking spaces for visitors.

Posted by Lee Grainger

Renovation of a 10th storey apartment in Perth City - Part 2

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