10th Storey Apartment – Perth CBD – Part 3

Renovation of a 10th storey apartment in Perth City - Part 2

Renovation of a 10th storey apartment in Perth City - Part 3

On the day of the crane lift, several people organised to have any larger items to be delivered to the site so that they could be craned up on the same day.

The double glazed windows were glazed (glass was fitted into the frames) before they were lifted up.  The large plasterboard sheets were craned up on a pallet and some of the longer stone cabinet tops were craned up as they wouldn’t have fit into any of the lifts.

Once all the items were craned up, they were stored ready for work at the beginning of the new working week, as no works are allowed other than the crane lift over the weekend.

Craned up

The windows are then fitted and the flashings to be installed.

The aircon people, plumbers and electricians have come back in to do all of the tube outs now that the steel framing has been completed.

The plasterboard wall linings, ceilings, lighting troughs, air tight bulkheads for the aircon, are nearly all finished, the cornice has been put up and just needs to be sanded.

As the apartment is part of a strata, any items that are installed to the outer of the building, must comply with the strata body colour scheme. The window frames had to be powder coated to match the existing bronze colour of the old frames.
Any painting of the walls and ceiling to the balcony, must match the colour that was there before the renovation began.

Renovation of a 10th storey apartment in Perth City - Part 3

Some of the hinges on the door frames have been swapped over so the doors open the opposite direction.


The clients completed their prestart and all of the plumbing fixtures have been called up by the cabinetmakers so that the holes for the under mount sinks and above mount basins can be cut to the correct size.

Some of the cabinet carcasses were taken up the lifts and put in place in readiness for when the cabinets are delivered ready for installation.

The water proofer has been in and waterproofed all the wet areas, the tiles will be delivered early next week and the tiler will start later next week as the bases of the cabinets have already been put in place, the tiled hobs can be built under the wet area cabinets so the remainder of the cabinets can be put in place when they are manufactured.

Renovation of a 10th storey apartment in Perth City - Part 3

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