10th Storey Apartment – Perth CBD – Part 1

Our new project - Renovation of a 10th storey apartment in Perth City

One of our latest projects is the renovation of a 10th Storey apartment in the heart of Perth city.
Our clients had specific requirements as to they look they wanted and given the structural nature of an apartment our scope of works was very easily defined.

Renovating an apartment is completely different to building a house on a block of land, there are some similarities, however, keeping the neighbours informed and happy is a major consideration.

The designer, Builder, Electrician, Engineer, Plumber, Plasterboard (dry-lining) contractor, cabinet maker, all need to visit the apartment to take precise measurements as the plans are so old, they are nearly unreadable.

Plans need to be drawn up and sent to the engineer for them to provide their report, and once received sent off to the certifiers for the plans to be certified to submit for a building approval.

A copy of the plans were also provided to the corporate body of the apartment complex for approval as is a requirement of the corporate body.

Trades people need to park and enter the building on a constant basis, parking can be limited and it’s a long way down if they forget something and have to go back and get it.

Approvals need to be obtained the same as building a house, but as the renovation can only be internal due to the structure of the building and common property, there are not as many things to take into consideration.

In order to apply for a building permit, we had a structural engineer inspect the apartment who advised in his report that none of the walls that were to be replaced were load bearing walls allowing us the flexibility to redesign the inside of the apartment.

Our new project - Renovation of a 10th storey apartment in Perth City

There are restrictions, however, and plumbing is a major restriction, as the wastes for the plumbing works are in the slab, so the relocation of wet areas is not a consideration because you can’t cut up the concrete.  That said, the bathrooms were re designed taking into account the floor wastes of the bathrooms as they are.

Like any construction project, the client has to do a colour selection, so that we can determine the items to be used in the works, eg, basins, sinks, appliances, cabinet colours, paint colour, etc.

The lifts have to be measured to ensure that any items that need to go up to the apartment will fit.

Any items that don’t fit need to be craned up, that in itself creates other difficulties. If a crane is needed, traffic management (TMP) and sound management (SMP) permits need to be applied for.

The logistics of renovating in a high rise apartment complex meant that a great deal of planning at strata and complex management level also needed to occur in the lead up to commencement. Our thanks to owners George and Vicki and all involved.

Posted by Lee Grainger

One of our latest projects is the renovation of a 10th Storey apartment in the heart of Perth city.

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